The sobriety checkpoint in Stockholm

Frihamnen, Stockholm, is equipped with sobriety checkpoints. They are automatic, which means that you, as the arriving driver, will have to give a breath test on your own before you can leave the port area.

This is how it works


When you have left the ferry, you will soon reach one of the checkpoints. At the checkpoint, take the mouthpiece and hold it 2 cm in front of your mouth and blow as hard as you can into the mouthpiece for 2 seconds. For hygienic reasons, do not touch the mouthpiece with your mouth when giving the breath test. Tip: If nothing happens, try to blow harder and closer to the mouthpiece. If the breath test is accepted, the barrier will open and you will be allowed to drive on. If too high an alcohol content is detected, the barrier will remain closed and staff will be called to the scene.


The sobriety checkpoint is monitored by a management centre. If you run into problems or need assistance, you can push a suitable language button to contact staff that can guide you through the process.

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